STØR Introduction & Basic Operation

Infinitely Re-freshing

STØR’s patent-pending design provides a fast, easy way to store+access items that need to be protected from oxygen, light and other environmental factors.

In less than 30 seconds, users can lower the oxygen level of the vessel below 2%. STØR can be purged with nitrogen, argon or CO2, and maintained with positive pressure up to 15psi (103kPa.) Finally, the world has a way to return perishable items to their “never opened” state.

Competing products attempt to remove as much air as possible, by way of vacuum or minimizing headspace, but what remains is still air… 21% Oxygen. That’s over ten times the USDA’s recommended maximum level to prevent staling.

Solid walnut base. Hand-finished CNC precision. Every unit is unique.

Heavy-gauge stainless steel construction with sanitary welds.

Adapters allow device to be connected to SodaStream™ and commercial gas cylinders.

Thanks to a custom inlet fitting, STØR even works with fine particles such as ground coffee and spices.

Push connect fittings and integrated check valves. Disconnect the tubing without tools and the vessel stays pressurized.

"Like it's always been a thing."

Throughout the entire development process, one idea has overwhelming kept me going: As soon as the very first prototype existed, STØR found a place in my daily routine. I've used mine for three years—accessing it is almost an afterthought. The latest version fits seamlessly into my kitchen. To me, that's the hallmark of a decent product: something I use without really thinking about it.

Now it's your turn to experience fresher beans and fresher buds.

Thanks for your support,

stør vessel with v60 grinder and Lido E-T

Product Specs

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