Hello, early adopter!

Help us begin production! Our beta batch consists of 100 vessels, each one polished with Jeff's blood, sweat and tears.

A lot of people want to know why I didn't launch a Kickstarter. The short answer is A) I'm doing all the work myself, so I don't need a lot of startup capital to hire employees, rent office space, etc. And B) I want to limit the number of initial orders so I can continue tuning my supply chain and provide undivided attention to my first customers.

Everybody has seen failed Kickstarters that over-promise and under-deliver. I'm taking the slow-and-methodical approach instead. For the past three years, I've put up my own money (about $15K) to develop STØR. I've created prototypes, hired attorneys, flown to Taiwan to line up manufacturing partners... A lot of the legwork is done. So while I'm not guaranteeing a ship date, if you place an order now, you can do so with confidence that most of the kinks have already been worked out. The money you spend will go directly into the production of your device.